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When the AirFry oven and its wire tray are combined, you can achieve the taste and texture of fried food without oil. Hot air is able to pass through the tray, heating ingredients from all angles. For a healthy, crispy finish.


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Crispy, healthier food with AirFry

Enjoy crispy fries or delicious vegetables with less oil, using the specially designed AirFry setting and tray in your cooker. The wire-tray allows hot air to continually move around the oven to cook your food from all around. Crispy perfection, every time.

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Multilevel Cooking. Cook more at the same time

With Multilevel Cooking, the additional heating ring ensures your dishes are perfectly cooked even when loaded with two trays at the same time.

LED timer for accurate control over the cooking process

This cooker comes with an LED timer so you can keep firm control over the cooking process. The timer will alert you when the cooking time is up, and you can choose whether to cook the dish for a little longer, adjust the heat, or get ready to serve it.

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Slide and secure. With Telescopic Runners

Extendable Telescopic Runners provide better access to dishes in the oven. The runners allow the shelves to slide all the way out and secure in place, so your hands remain free to roast, season or spice.

The Radiant Hob. Fast and efficient

The Radiant Hob is fast and easy-to-clean with ceramic zones that heat quickly and accurately for fuss-free cooking.



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